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HALFTONE Print Fair returns to Dublin with its celebration of the printed matter and a special focus on books!


The annual HALFTONE Print Fair returns for its fifth edition to The Library Project this November. The fair is an initiative of PhotoIreland Foundation, hosted every year at The Library Project, bringing together artists working in disciplines whose output manifests in printed form, and to showcase the best photographic works. In addition to the hundreds of prints visitors will discover, this year HALFTONE proposes events dedicated to that passion for accumulating more books than one can read, what the Japanese call Tsundoku.

The fair opens to the public at 2pm on Saturday 2 November, and runs until the first day of December.

Artists are selected through invitation and an open call aimed at fine art printers, illustrators, designers, photographers and creatives alike, to be displayed saloon-style and sold at the Temple Bar venue The Library Project. The fair format aims to motivate collecting and to excite artworks sales, supporting the artists’ practice. Each year sees a high number of private and corporate sales, as well as sales to public collections.

This year sees spectacular entries and special treats such as limited edition prints from curatorial duo RGKS, vibrant riso work from illustrator Claire Prouvost, and new work from photographer Brian Teeling, amongst others – there are great works to choose from.


Extending its celebration of the printed matter in this 5th edition, there is a new addition this year: Tsundoku, offering visitors four days of events (21-24 November) with book launches, talks, workshops, and a collaboration with Damn Fine Print which will see the launch of a new series of publications and a special showcase. All topped-off with a first-and-second-hand book market focused on liberating space on busy bookshelves –  everyone interested in selling books can find details on how to participate on this page.

Tsundoku Events

From 21st to 24th of November, The Library Project will host a series of free events as part of Tsundoku, including a first-and-second-hand book market, book launches, flash sales, talks, and workshops. The final list will be published in this page closer to the date, and you can subscribe to stay informed here


Participate in Tsundoku

Entry is free and everyone is welcome to The Library Project. Come and enjoy the inspiring HALFTONE Print Fair, and the new Tsundoku book weekend. If you are interested in selling some of your old books to make space for others, you should gather some details:
– A smartphone photo of each of the books you wish to sell.
– An ISBN list stating the condition of the book (new, used, or slightly damaged – we won’t accept damaged books) and the proposed retail price.
Send us these before midnight Sunday 3rd November to
The more details we have, the better.

Once we receive your email with the proposed books, we will email back our selection. You should bring these to The Library Project before 17 November, and the books will be on sale 21-24 November. At the end of the weekend, we will inform you of the sales, and you would invoice us for the total minus our 35% commission.

We are looking for exciting and inspiring books such as Art books, Photobooks, Design books, Architecture, coffee table books; self-published books, rare, foreign,  and limited edition books; worldwide literary novels new and old; general resource books such as collections of essays; critical theory, cultural studies, and university materials; and in particular, Kids books. Used books are welcome, but not those too damaged.

Submissions Deadline: midnight Sunday 10 November
Delivery of books: 12-17 November
Launch: 6pm Thursday 21 November
Running until 6pm Sunday 24 November
Collection of unsold books: 26-30 November

Note that any books not collected after the 30 November will be donated to charity.